18 schools receive books in 2006

School recipients for 2006
  1. Lalakay Elementary School*
  2. Los Banos Central Elementary School*
  3. Calara Elementary School*
  4. HASIK Bagong Buhay Elementary School*
  5. San Antonio Elementary School
  6. Maahas Elementary School*
  7. Lopez Elementary School
  8. Maquiling Elementary School
  9. Paciano Rizal Elementary School*
  10. Bagong Silang Elementary School
  11. Josiah's Place, Christ the Good Shepherd Youth Center
  12. Baybayin Baranggay Hall Library
  13. National High School (Main)*
  14. National High School (Carbern Extension)*
  15. National High School (Mayondon Extension)*
  16. UP Rural High School*
  17. Maquiling School - High School Department*
  18. Community High School*
All schools/recipients with asterisks received donations this past year.

Maquiling School - Elementary Department still to be provided donation.

Schools with applications still to be submitted - Malinta Elementary School, Bayog Elementary School, Bambang Elementary School.