Breakfast for Kids program sponsored by the FLBC!

Post written by Alfinetta Zamora, June 25, 2016.

Hi Friends. Remember the US$300 from Lutie's church foundation? Well, my daughter and her husband were telling me how the high school attended by my granddaughter ensures that all kids are ready for school. Breakfast is provided for food-needy kids to start their day right.

Our Los Banos teachers note that hungry kids are generally unattentive, dozes off in class, or fail to come to class. Although, indigent kids are now provided lunch in schools. The learning opportunities in the morning are not maximized by food-needy students. Thus, the money from Oro Foundation was donated to the Lalakay Elementary School food fund for a pilot project Breakfast for Kids.

The school will prepare a list of food-needy students. Breakfast will be rice/rice porridge with egg on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and pan de sal/bread with egg or peanut butter on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The school will give us the summary for a two-week run so we can extrapolate how many weeks would be covered by the P14,000 (peso equivalent of US$300). Photo: Breakfast for Kids (BK) project at Lalakay Elementary School starts with a cash donation from Oro Foundation, USA-Friends of Los Banos Children (FLBC) and prayer. FLBC Rhodora Maligalig with teachers Ilma Fucio, Raisa Casipit, and Arlene Aquino (holding cash donation). The BK project aims to provide breakfast to food-needy school children, preparing them for the school day!

It is a good day, indeed!

Photos taken in Lalakay Elementary School 2016. Children are part of the Breakfast for Kids program sponsored by the FLBC.

Dictionary giving at Lopez Elementary School

Dictionary presented in Lopez Elementary School, Grade 4 Rizal section with classroom teacher, principal Lucia Pagalan, class officers and FLBC Volunteer. 

Volunteers from GHCMI with principal Lucy Pagalanan after distribution of dictionaries,
pencils and candies.

Dictionary giving at Maahas Elementary School

FLBC Volunteers and Donors in Maahas Elementary School for dictionary gift giving

Dors Maligalig and cousin, Art Maligaya, presenting Dictionary to Grade V students- Rizal of Maahas Elementary School

FLBC in Philippine Daily Inquirer article

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Thank you to Ms. Karen Lapitan of PDI for spreading the word about FLBC!

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