Reaching 6 of 13 barangays in Los Banos!

Accomplishments of the Year (June 2003 - May 2004)
The past year was an exciting year for the FLBC "Libraries for the Children of Los Banos". We had many donations of books for children, teens and adults, National Geographic magazines, Good Housekeeping and similar magazines, educational tapes and even school supplies. New and gently used books were sent to Los Banos to meet needs of children much to the amazement of the core group and to the people who had helped unpack and stamp the books.

The FLBC is pleased to announce that we surpassed the number of boxes sent last year! We were able to send an impressive 18 1/3 boxes coming from generous donors in the USA and Canada. All were accounted for by our local counterpart, the Grand Harvest Christian Ministries. Plus, money sent earlier was used to buy new books in the Philippines. All in all, Year 2 implementation was a demonstration of the commitment of the natives and friends of Los Banos - that we can make a difference in the life of a child in Los Banos.

Where did the all the books go?
The FLBC received applications for donations from 6 public schools
  • Lopez Elementary School (Bo. Batong Malaki)
  • San Antonio Elementary School (Bo. San Antonio)
  • Bagong Silang Elementary School (Bo. Bagong Silang)
  • Paciano Rizal Elementary School (Bo. Putho-Tuntungin)
  • Calara Elementary School (Carbern Village, Bo. Anos), and 
  • National High School (Bo. Batong Malaki). 
Two private DECS-registered schools/learning centers, the Kiddie Care Learning Center (Bo Putho-Tuntungin) and the Hasik Elementary School (Bo. Bayog) also applied.

In addition, our first library-recipient, the Josiah's Place of the Evangelical Baptist Church (EBC, Bo. Batong Malaki) received additional books for their community extension through Christ the Good Shepherd Youth Centers along the "riles" (Bo. Anos), and Marymount Subdivision. So far, all these applicants have received books.

We still have the college-level books which will eventually be donated to the Bo. Baybayin Baranggay Library. Wow!!! All our efforts have made a difference to the children in Los Banos!

To date, we have reached 6 out of the 13 Los Banos barangays. But we still have 7 barangays to go! We will be hearing from the schools in these baranggays soon. We may have to bring more books to some of the school recipients in Year 2. Imagine one or two boxes of books to a school. That is not much for the number of kids in one school! The FLBC has also seen the need for shelves. We are soliciting for funds for shelves, or for a donation of shelves through families in Los Banos. Ching Redmon, and Jane Abalos of the Maquiling Depot donated 2 ready made shelves last year and will again donate this year.

With the FLBC and friends commitment for this project, we can reach out to the children in Los Banos and hope that through these books, their lives will be changed! Imagine children learning of many new things! Imagine them dreaming of wanting to go beyond elementary school!

For direct mailing of books and school supplies, send to:
Friends of Los Banos Children
c/o Alfinetta B. Zamora
3349 Aguila Street
Rhoda Subdivision
Batong Malake, Los Banos
Laguna, Philippines