Another year to be thankful (2006-2007)

Accomplishments (June 2006-October 2007)

The past year was an exciting year for the FLBC "Libraries for the Children of Los Banos". The FLBC is pleased to announce that we surpassed the number of boxes sent last year! We were able to send an impressive 30 boxes coming from generous donors in the USA and Canada. All were accounted for by our local counterpart, the Grand Harvest Christian Ministries. Plus, money sent earlier was used to buy new books and dictionaries in the Philippines.

US coordinators, Dr. Arelyne Pacho-Ramos, Rhodora Maligalig, Ching Redmon, and Ching Gomez all visited Los Banos separately in the past year to check on the book project. In the Hasik Elementary School, our donated books were individually wrapped in plastic in book shelves and actively used. The School itself has expanded not only in structure but also in size so that many more school children are using it. They are thankful for the shelves donated to them.

In Lopez Elementary school, the books were brought to the classrooms instead since the library was being used to house extra chairs and tables that were not used. The plan apparently was for the library to be converted into another classroom soon. Through the generosity of our funding partner, Los Banos Laguna Association of Southern California (LBLASC) based in Glendale, California as well as core members’ contributions, Alfin was able to purchase dictionaries for all the teachers of the 12 barangay schools from Grade 1-6 this year.